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We have a specific set of terms and conditions that keeps up with straightforwardness and the conviction of our customers on us. While we offer our types of services, we guarantee that all of us stay within the limits of these terms and conditions and our customers don’t ask our approval for anything ill-conceived and past our pre-characterized conventions.

We have the full right to change these terms and conditions whenever without giving any earlier notification. By perusing our site or by utilizing our services , we trust you agree to these terms and conditions.



In the event that you choose to visit, you do as such at your own danger and Digital Udyami won’t be answerable for any safety assault, malware issues, and so on.



All logos, brands, headings, tags, showing up in this site, are things either possessed or utilized under permit, by Digital Udyami.


You may not change the content of this Website or straightforwardly execute, designate, or in any case use them in any capacity for any business intent without our association’s composed authorization.



Digital Udyami permit you a non-selective, non-adaptable, right to access, use, and view this site and materials consequently.



The customer should take no representative of our own under his immediate engagement without our written agreement.

Assuming you drop the agreement on the same day, money will be refunded (if our team hasn’t begun the work at this point). The cash will be returned to you following 30 days. Refund policy is just appropriate for Indian customers.

No installments will be refunded following 1 calendar day. In the event that you recruited us for any little occupation that would be completed within short hours then, at that point a refund won’t be provided for that sort of undertaking.

Any legal issues will be shrouded in New Delhi locale only.


The SEO services are neither speedy nor ensured however will be performed to the best of Digital Udyami experience and abilities.

No affirmations will be offered with regards to your site’s ranking as the web search tools adjust their ranking algorithms frequently.

No services will be given if the customer was seen as blameworthy of spam action that is against SEO rules previously. Customers need to inform us if their business was associated with any kind of spam exercises.

Your site’s rankings can go down, if this happens, Digital Udyami won’t be dependable and no refunds of any kind or discounts will be given.

Search Engine Optimisation takes somewhere around 2-3 months to show some critical impact. Through this part of the time, the customer site is analyzed and optimized. Achieving steady high rankings can require up to 6 months to a year.

Digital Udyami sends month to month SEO reports to its customers.

For SEO services, Digital Udyami urge customers to give a legitimate time that can assist with making an activity intend to accomplish the most ideal outcomes.

Any SEO work that Digital Udyami supports might be fundamentally influenced in the event that You have

Hire the services of one or more SEO Companies simultaneously you’ve employed us.

Have made any indistinguishable websites, identical content or pages, redirects or doorway pages.

Attempted to utilize whatever other methods, if allowed by Google, to work to expand the SEO rank of the website.


Digital Udyami will offer clients an administration of Google Ads account according to the terms.

Digital Udyami will produce a Google Ads account on their client’s behalf. Customer concedes that Google Ads are issued to Google’s Terms and Conditions. Customer’s account will be considered dynamic once Google supports it for digital advertising. Digital Udyami isn’t responsible in case Client’s account is dismissed.

Digital Udyami recognize that Client is the real owner of the Google AdWords account created by Digital Udyami. Upon the end of the term of this agreement, the client might recollect the account and all its setup.

Digital Udyami isn’t responsible for errors once the digital ads are posted.

Results are not ensured and Digital Udyami isn’t answerable for the performance of advertisements.


The company offers advertising on social media platforms for clients companies and businesses such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. .

Each image used in an advertisement is approved by the client and supplied to Digital Udyami. The client acknowledges that additional design fees may be incurred if images are not provided. These charges will be reflected on the invoice provided by Digital Udyami.

Whenever an advertisement’s content is unauthorized, Digital Udyami requires that the Client provide a new copy that is acceptable to the platform. The policies of Digital Udyami prohibit Digital Udyami from accepting ads on third-party websites.


Digital Udyami will grant the clients access to written material to be installed on its website if it so wishes and per the harmonious agreement.

Digital Udyami agrees to use the same care that instills rationality to ensure that work is 100% correct and any original ideas are not interfered with.

Digital Udyami confirms that the Client has the right to edit any work they have commissioned with us. The Client can collaborate with Digital Udyami in editing and proofing the work previously before the final release.

The company agrees to review for accuracy, and correct if necessary any spelling or grammatical errors. Any statements or assertions that are inaccurate are not our responsibility.


Digital Udyami will design your website according to a plan we approve together and will deliver the final product to you. We will do so by doing business under these settled conditions.

Clients are solely responsible for describing what they want to be written and within what format.

The client agrees in providing Digital Udyami with the right infographics for use.

It is the responsibility of the Client to obtain a domain name. Digital Udyami may suggest appropriate domain names to the Client at its discretion.

The Client understands and acknowledges that Digital Udyami will not be held liable for any errors, grammar, or otherwise, found in the material submitted by the Client.

Any errors or requested revisions by the Client will be corrected by Digital Udyami. In collaboration with the client, a maximum of three revisions is allowed (depending on the package). In revisions, significant changes won’t be made to the design.

Digital Udyami will charge the client for changes requested after the final approval has been given and the website is live. We will not start working on any subsequent change requests until we have collected full payment.

Upon receiving each site designed by Digital Udyami, the client agrees Digital Udyami will add a link to the footnote section called “Web Design” by “Digital Udyami”. There is a charge to remove this branding from Digital Udyami.

To protect our business reputation, Digital Udyami will not be responsible for lost rankings, errors, or hacked websites.

If Digital Udyami has not started work on a website development or marketing project, clients are free to cancel that project. However, cancellations after 1 calendar day will not be accepted.

Paid support will be available once the site goes live at Rs.2500.


The logos we create and the recommendations we provide are unique. A company is assured of an alternative logo design in the event a TradeMark is rejected.

Our staff will offer you some other variations that you can choose if you have any issues with the trademark registration process. It is difficult for our company to be sure that the chosen design is not too similar to one already in use, unlike the trademark registry.

Note – Any terms mentioned in the proposal or email will also be taken into consideration, in addition to those in this document.

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